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My name is Adam. I am an American and a native English speaker.
I am currently taking classes for TESOL and am working toward my Bachelor's degree in German. After reaching this goal, I plan on either starting Graduate study in Germanic Languages or teaching English abroad, possibly in Asia. I want to teach German at the university level someday, but I also want to spend time teaching abroad in order to gain useful teaching experience and to travel around the world.


Good day! My name is Alexander, I live in Paris.
I am a French and English teacher online. I like to help you improve your language with the study of modern materials and interactive speaking. I also prepare for the examination for the spoken exam of TOEFL, IELTS, BEC.


Hi, my name is Bill Mosby. I’m from Colorado, high in the Rocky Mountains. I grew up on a ranch, a cowboy, skiing in winter, and I’m going to make English as comfortable as old shoes any way you need and want, I teach with passion because learning is one of the greatest joys of living. I began teaching in my church (Irish Catholic) to little children. I wasn't much older. I realized that learning is one of the greatest joys; I’ve been teaching ever since. Students of every country, culture, religion, rich and poor, young and old, every student benefited.
Now the Internet has come; technology to help us all communicate. In my opinion the barrier of language can be defeated today and I am here to help you.


Hello! My name is Brad Cohen. I’m teacher of business English. I’m from New-York, but now I live in Vienna, Austria.
After 15 years in the business world, I decided to make teaching English as a second/foreign language my final career.  Having received my Masters degree in TESOL in March 2001, I moved to Europe to teach Business English at major international corporations. I have many years of experience teaching and leading seminars in skills such as presentations, negotiations, meetings, telephoning and e-mailing in English. I am happy to train business professionals, university students or beginners. I am an expert on grammar, and I can also help with accent reduction.

   My name is Debbie. I live in the USA. I have been teaching children for over 20 years, and I have specialized in helping children read and develop good American pronunciation. I can help you speak clearly and accurately. I am a patient teacher, and I love my students

My name is Jessy Edward, I’m from Australia. I taught English language for adults using multimedia and other interactive methods. Moreover, I volunteered as Arabic and English tutor for adults refugees and asylum seekers.
A little information about me:
Doctor of Philosophy - Psychology - Curtin University - Perth - Australia
Masters Degree in Linguistics - English Department
Senior English Instructor
BA Literature and English Language
I studied Phonetics, Syntax, and semantics

   Hi I'm Larissa. I am a graduate from Loyola University Chicago, a prestigious private Jesuit university. I used to tutor students within the university for Sociology. Prior to tutoring in college, I tutored for math and science classes in high school and have also taught piano for a number of years.

I currently am working in the field of Public Relations. I perform a heavy amount of writing and speaking with clients and news media. I have a lot of experience of business writing and public speaking. I would love to help you with your English and teach you about American culture as well as American business culture.


Hello! I’m Paul. In 2004 I decided to go teaching and traveling in Thailand.I liked it so much I decided to stay! I spent almost five years in the Land of Smiles. I also traveled to China in 2008. I taught at a University in Fujian province for six months. Then I returned home to Ireland to teach in a secondary school while spending my summers teaching students from around the world in Oxford, England. I'm currently studying for a professional diploma in Education(PDE) from the National University of Ireland. When I graduate I plan to return to Asia again....
There’s list of my education:
University College Dublin
Major in History and Politics.
Language Centre of Ireland
RELSA Preparatory Certificate in TEFL.
University of Cambridge Oral Examiner
I am a fully qualified Cambridge Oral Examiner. I have assessed YLE, KET and PET level students on a regular basis.


Hello! My name is Paul Stallman. I’m from Chicago, USA.
Anatole France once said, “Nine-tenths of education is encouragement.” Encouragement is the most important part of any lesson. I love to teach and encourage others to learn.


Hi, my name is Scarlet Lorraine, I’m from Singapore.
I have a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in English Language Teaching and my 8-year experience of teaching English to second language learners has made me a much more competent instructor . I am also equipped with the appropriate and the latest teaching materials (PDF,JPG,E-books,Audio tracks and related web links) to make the class more efficient. If interested to learn contact me.

  Hello! My name is Tim Mackinnon. 

Would you like English conversation and/or grammar lessons with a native Englishman who is university educated and TOEFL certified? The lessons can simply be general conversation about anything, or they can be centered upon a specific area as requested by the student. I aim to have my students talking as much English as possible in their lessons, thereby giving them every opportunity to practice their language skills.

As well as general conversation, I offer my students articles in order that they can practice their reading comprehension and pronunciation. I also offer listening exercises; lists of new words; lists of idioms and lists of phrasal verbs. The students are of course free to choose any, or all, of the aforementioned activities. I am also extremely flexible and always open to any suggestions put forward by my students.

I encourage my students to speak normal, everyday English. The same English that they would encounter if speaking with a native English person. I do not encourage my students to learn textbook, stilted English. I offer all new students a free 15 minute trial lesson. I look forward to hearing from you.

   My name is Adriano, I’m 25, I'm brazilian. I live close to Rio de Janeiro, I come from a big family and I master several languages such as Portuguese, English, Spanish, German and even some knowlege in French. I can share experiences and help people with their language learning.

Hi there! I am Arlyn and I am 25 years old. I am teaching students ages 9 to 53 years old. I am a jolly person and I really enjoy having class with my students. It is very important to me that my students would be learning the language in a fun and exciting way.
I really enjoy teaching my students and what makes me really happy is when I see improvements on their comprehension, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and confidence.

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  • Екатерина
    (28.02.14 14:11)

    Добрый день!

    Проходила обучение в школе английского языка English-best! Хотела бы выразить благодарность своему преподавателю - Алексею Миронову за терпение и профессионализм, т.к. я наверное была не самым простым студентом, а срок подготовки к сдаче TOEFL был минимален. Вопрос стоял принципиально, т.к. наличие сертификата TOEFL или IELTS стало обязательным требованием для сотрудников курирующих ВЭД в организации. Полученный результат после прохождения экзамена не просто порадовал, в некоторой степени даже приятно удивил. Еще раз спасибо за помощь в подготовке и отдельная благодарность за проявленный индивидуальный подход в обучении английского языка по skype!

    С Уважением, Екатерина!

  • Игнатьева Мария
    (17.02.14 06:09)

    Я очень счастлива!!! Спасибо огромное школе English Best и в частности репетиру английского языка по скайпу Анастасии Ишутиной!!! Настя подготовила меня к поездке в Нью-Йорк за полтора месяца! Сейчас я практически свободно общаюсь на английском языке с носителями. Иногда делаю ошибки в предложениях, но все меня понимают и я всех понимаю! Именно для этого и изучала разговорный английский язык.

    Занятия онлайн очень меня выручили, т. к. времени на дорогу к репетитору не было. Учить разговорный английский язык по скайпу очень увлекательно, эффективно и недорого!

    Если кто-то еще сомневается, рекомендую! Учите английский по скайпу и не пожалеете!

    Игнатьева Мария, Москва, Нью-Йорк

  • Севастьянов Иван
    (29.12.13 14:18)

    Меня зовут Севастьянов Иван, мне 21 год.

    Сейчас я работаю бортпроводником на международных авиалиниях. 

    Хочу выразить огромную благодарность школе English Best за то, что они в короткий срок подготовили меня к собеседованию на английском языке при устройстве на работу!!! 

    До прохождения английского по скайпу в English Best я изучал китайский язык. Уровень английского был продвинутый, но в процессе изучения китайского я начал забывать разговорную английскую речь. Курсы английского по скайпу нашел через интернет, записался на вводный урок и остался очень доволен! 

    Высокий профессионализм моего репетитора Анастасии Ишутиной и низкие цены оставили только самое приятное впечатление! Огромное спасибо за то, что помогли мне подготовиться к собеседованию на любимую работу!

  • Ившина Анна
    (29.12.13 14:09)


    О том, что можно изучать английский по скайп в школе English Best я узнала на сервисе вопросов-ответов. Мне нужно было за короткий срок выучить деловой разговорный английский. Записалась на бесплатный вводный урок, администратор порекомендовала курсы делового английского для продвинутого уровня, выбрали время с 20.00 вечера.

    Выделила для себя преимущества обучения английскому по скайп:

    • Комфортная домашняя обстановка

    • Значительная экономия времени

    • Индивидуальный подход

    • Внимательный профессиональный репетитор

    • Интересная форма обучения — все запоминалось легко, в ходе общения и коммуникативных игр 

    В результате я выучила деловой английский за 3 месяца и сейчас свободно общаюсь с клиентами из США. Я очень благодарна школе English-Best! Рекомендую всем друзьям! 

    Ившина Анна

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